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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I check my laundry card balance?
    You can check your balance on the terminals in the store.
  • I think I left some clothes at the laundromat, what do I do?
    We keep any leftover laundry in our lost-and-found for 30 days in case customers forget their clothes with us. Feel free to ask any attendant in recovering your lost items.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept cash, debit, or credit cards.
  • Which washer should I use for my comforter?
    It may vary depending on the size of the comforter, but our triple loaders are generally be sized well for a single comforter.
  • How long do the dryers take?
    The dryers typically take about 25 minutes, but can take longer depending on how full or densely packed the dryer is.
  • What can I do while I wait for my laundry to finish?
    There's plenty to do at The Texas Laundry! Enjoy a cup of free coffee freshly made every day in our store Browse the web using our complementary high-speed Wi-Fi Watch your favorite shows on one of the many TV's throughout the store Enjoy a snack from a vending machines (lowest prices around!) Compete for a high score on one of our many arcade games If you want to do something else in there area, here are some of our top picks! Eastwood Park - located across the street, it includes a playground, community center, skate park, and more! Harrisburg Art Museum - located just a few block west of our location, take in the stunning murals of Houston's 2nd Ward. The Original Ninfa's - enjoy fajitas or a margarita at a longtime Houston classic for Mexican cuisine. And their tablecloths are clean enough to eat off of, we've made sure of that!
  • What time is the last wash?
    Last wash start time is 8:00pm, giving you ample time to wash, dry, and fold your laundry before the doors lock at 9:00pm.
  • Do you service businesses or Airbnbs?
    Yes! We are trusted and work closely with many businesses in the Houston area including music venues, spas, barbers, and more. Call us at 713-923-5151 if you wish to partner with us.
  • How long do the washers take?
    The washer cycles generally take about 25 minutes.
  • What type of soap do you use?
    We use premium odorless products (e.g. Tide, Gain, or Ariel). We can also use your provided laundry products if you prefer that.
  • Do you wash my clothes with other customers clothes?
    No, we always keep orders separate from one another.
  • Do you do dry cleaning?
    Not currently, but check back soon because we are actively looking to get dry cleaning set up!
  • Can I make special requests on how I want my laundry done?
    Absolutely! When you drop the laundry off you can either provide your preferred laundry products or choose from one of our many add-ons.
  • Is there a minimum order size?
    We have a weight minimum of 15 pounds. We are happy to process any order sizes less than that, but you will be charged at the 15 pound price.
  • What do I put my laundry in when I drop it off?
    Please put your laundry in a laundry bag or in a trash bag and make sure it is closed properly so clothes don't fall out.
  • How fast can you get my laundry washed and folded?
    We provide different prices depending on how fast you need the order. We have same-day (3pm cutoff for dropoff), 24 hour, and 2-3 day turnarounds.
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